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Government Of Assam Home & Political


The Home Department of the Government of Assam consists of the following branches:

  • Home (A) Department
  • Home (B) Department
  • Home (C) Department

Functions and Powers

Home A

  • Enforcement of law & order
  • Crime detection & punishment of offenders
  • Establishment matters relating to Indian Police Service & Assam Police Service Officers
  • Establishment matters relating to Director General & Inspector General of Police, his  office & his subordinate offices
  • Establishment matters of Forensic Science Laboratory
  • State Police Wireless & matters relating to Assam Police Radio Organization
  • Police Intelligence
  • Raising & maintenance of Police Force including Railway Police, River Police, Village
  • Defense Organization, Assam Police Battalions and India Reserve Battalions
  • Modernization of Police Force
  • Modernization Scheme of Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Preparation & Control of budget for State Police & Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Matters relating to Right to Information Act
  • Training of Police Forces/ Officers as well as Officers of Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Prevention of Infiltration of Foreigner's schemes & establishment matters thereof
  • Assist the Civil Administration in times of disasters
  • Control of vehicular traffic under M.V. Act

There are two Directorates under Home (A) Department:

  1. Office of the Director General of Police, Assam
  2. Office of the Director of Forensic Science Laboratory, Assam

Home B

  • Establishment of Home Guards & Civil Defense officers
  • Raising, training & establishment matters relating to Home Guards & Civil Defense  volunteers
  • Deployment of Home Guard & Civil Defense volunteers in emergency needs such as air raid, natural calamities – flood, fire, earthquake, storm etc.
  • Impart training to officials & civilians to meet the exigencies during the natural calamities as well as man-made disasters
  • Static Police duties to supplement the normal Police Force
  • Implementation of Civil Defense measures in approved A.R.P. towns
  • Preparation of Budget of Home Guards & Civil Defense and control thereof
  • Administration of Prisons, prisoners & persons detained in prisons
  • Transfer of Prisoners from one State to other
  • Modernization of Prisons
  • Establishment matters relating to Inspector General of Prisons, his office and his subordinate offices
  • Preparation & control of Budget of Prisons
  • Establishment matters of State Fire Service Organization
  • Preparation & Control of Budget of Fire Service Organization
  • Fire Safety & Security to individuals and public properties
  • Training to Fire Service Officers

There are three Directorates under Home (B) Department:

  1. Office of the Director General of Civil Defense and Commandant General of Home Guards
  2. Office of the Inspector General of Prisons
  3. Office of the Director of Fire Service Organizations

Home C

  • Issue of prosecution sanction under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act
  • Establishment of new Police Stations, Out Posts, Police District
  • Implementation of Finance Commission award for construction of Police Stations and Out Posts and other buildings
  • Matter relating to reimbursement of security-related expenditure, purchase of arms and ammunition for Assam Police under Modernization of Police Force scheme
  • Reimbursement of expenditure for deployment of CPMF
  • Deployment of Security Guard for various Govt. and Semi Govt. Organization
  •  Issue of Arms Licenses